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Rubber Fetish Accessories Now Available!

I am thrilled to introduce my new range of rubber fetish accessories! The collection includes gorgeous bondage collars made out of soft rejected bicycle tyres, adorned with studs ranging from 5mm-55mm long. They feature metal O-rings, perfect for attaching restraints or a lead. The collars fasten at the back with either a silver buckle or a stretchy inner tube cord.  100% leather-free, eco-friendly and totally tyre-tastic! Check them out here.

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First ZABO Photoshoot!

Had an amazing experience on the first professional ZABO photoshoot at Vauxhall Animal Farm, showcasing my collection of sustainable vegan fashion! Spent a couple of hours with the amazing animals which included goats, rabbits, chicken and three gorgeous alpacas named Tom, Ben and Jerry! Also did a picnic-style photoshoot in the beautiful weather, modelling my new car tyre sandal collection. I am so happy with the photos and my team did a great job, so a big thank you to the wonderful photographer, Giuliano, and talented stylist, Priscilla.

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