Bicycle Tyre Belts

I upcycle scrap bicycle tyres and inner tubes into anything and everything I can dream of, including belts, bags, jewellery, hairbands, dog leads, guitar straps and home decor - and my collection is constantly growing and gaining momentum.

I believe that by using creativity and imagination to make sustainable, recycled products, we can have a hugely positive impact on this world. German tyre manufacturer, Schwalbe, kindly donated approx. 5000 rejected tyres to me, which I transformed into my latest fashion collection, expanding my style to cater to all tastes, from bohemian chic to punk rock - there really is something for everyone. 

My accessories are high-quality, long-lasting and totally unique, as no two tyres are identical. All my products are 100% eco-friendly, 100% vegan and 100% fabulous! I hope that the passion I have for upcycling will inspire others to follow my example, so that we can all help save the planet together.