upcycled bicycle tyre belt vegan belt laura zabo
upcycled bicycle tyre belt vegan belt laura zabo
vegan vegetarian bicycle tyre belt
vegan vegetarian  bicycle tyre belt
laura zabo upcycled tyre belt

Classic Swivel Bicycle Tyre Belt

Regular price £15.00
Classic black ridged belt, made out of an upcycled Schwalbe bicycle tyre. Choose either a worn tyre or a new rejected tyre. The worn tyre has a cool distressed matte effect, whereas the new rejected tyre has immaculate ridges (see comparison photo). Either way you'll look totally rockin'!

Width: 25mm, 1”
Length: S-XXL


The first and last hole positions:
SMALL : 28"-32" 71-81cm
MEDIUM : 32"-36" 81-91cm
LARGE : 36"-40" 91-101cm
X-LARGE: 40"-44" 101-111cm
XX-LARGE: 44"-48" 111-121cm

If you are in-between sizes and require a customised size, please specify the exact length you would like your belt to be (including the buckle). Please note that jeans sizes are generally smaller and should not be used as an accurate measurement.
Please specify the position you would like the first (tightest) hole and the last (loosest) hole. If you have a current belt you are happy with, please measure that and supply us with the information on length and hole positions.

You may also purchase a ZABO gift box if you wish, available here: https://laurazabo.co.uk/collections/bicycle-tyre-belts/products/zabo-belt-gift-box

We carefully clean and cut every tyre to create belts which are durable, long-lasting and very comfortable/stretchy.

Over time if your belt becomes curved, simply roll it backwards and secure with a rubber band overnight and it will be perfect again.

We ship worldwide.

Shipment from London takes up to 5-7 days within Europe and up to 15 days overseas.